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UK spouse visa interview
UK Spouse Visa Interview Questions

We can help you prepare for a UK Spouse Visa interview; it is important to note. If UKVI suspects your relationship with your partner, who is resident in the UK, is not real or a fake marriage, will you have to be present at a Spouse Visa interview? Let’s say you get an invitation to a Spouse Visa interview. In that scenario, the interview may take place over the phone, through video call, or in person at a VAC or a UK Visas and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) office (if in the UK). 

Additionally, a case officer from UK Partner Visa and Immigration (UKVI) will interview you for your Spouse Visa and ask questions to ensure your relationship is real and you are still together. The Home Office will decide by the result of the interview, which is an important step. 

Questions And Answers:

uk spouse visa processing time 2023

The UKVI Entry Clearance Officer will ask you many marital interview questions during the UK Spouse Visa interview process. Immigration inquiries and relationship questions are two different categories of questioning. The following are some examples of immigration-related queries: 

  • Your background, immigration status, and family history. 
  • Your spouse’s family background and immigration status. 
  • Is this your first application for a visa to the UK? 
  • What is your average minimum annual income with your partner? 
  • Have you ever had a UK or other nation visa application denied? 

The Home Office asks questions regarding your marriage. Frequently asked questions about the spouse visa interview include the following: 

  • The history of your relationship and how you met. 
  • Your home or flat. 
  • The agreements you and your partner have made regarding your civil partnership or marriage. 
  • Your partner and you are making plans. 
  • When and where did you first meet, and where do you like to hang out? What is your partner’s occupation, and where do you two reside? 
  • What is the length of your relationship, and how long have you been dating? 
  • Does your lover also speak the same language as you? 
  • What pastimes do you and your partner enjoy? 
  • Have you had a chance to meet your spouse’s friends and family? 
  • What can you say about the family of your spouse? 
  • What religions do you both practice and what traits in a partner do you value? 
  • What ties do you two have in common, and why did you decide to be married? 
  • Can you remember the proposal and what transpired? 

We will explore with you a range of questions that might be put to you during your spouse’s visa interview. You have to respond depending on your specific circumstances, those of your spouse, and the officer’s discretion.

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UK Spouse Visa Interview Tips:

Indefinite Leave to Remain Expiry

You have to update the Home Office on your circumstances to avoid making a bad impression and have a good interview. Based on our expertise, we have gathered the following visa interview advice that can assist you in the majority of interviews: 

  • Take ahead of time for your interview. Negative perceptions are made when candidates arrive late for interviews. 
  • To support your UK visa application, don’t forget to update your social media accounts to reflect your relationship status. 
  • Maintain gathering proof of your marriage until your spouse’s visa is granted. 
  • Bring your documentation to your interview, including new proof proving you are a real pair, and be prepared to provide it as needed. Such proof includes airline tickets, hotel reservations, vacation photos, etc. 
  • Don’t be anxious. Before the interview, you should practice your responses so that you don’t hesitate while the immigration officer asks questions. 
  • When responding to inquiries, be honest and avoid providing more details that can raise a person’s suspicions or concerns. Only brief and unambiguous information will do for the person in authority.
  • Apply for the priority visa service if you require the opportunity on your visa.

An immigration solicitor will assess your circumstances, offer tailored advice, and guide you through the visa application process. They will help you gather and organize the necessary supporting documents, ensuring everything is complete and meets the UK Visas and Immigration requirements.

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The interview is a crucial step in the application process, and thorough preparation is essential. By familiarising yourself with common interview questions, following the provided tips, and seeking the services of an immigration solicitor, you can maximize your chances of success. My Legal Services are here to support and guide you throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and successful application experience.

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