Gordon and Thompsons have a team of specialized Personal Injury Solicitors in Bromley. We represent claimants from all walks of life and ensure that you prepare their case effectively and represent them.

Our team of solicitors has represented different individuals involved in this field.

We help with workplace accidents, accidents on the road, road traffic accidents, skin damage, and other compensation claims.

We can advise and represent you if you suffered an injury caused by an accident in road traffic.

We help people also in accidents at work or accidents in public places.

We can also represent you if you have been exposed to harmful substances and suffered as a result of someone else negligence. We offer also advice and representation in medical negligence cases or medical malpractice cases on a no-win no no-fee basis. 

We offer no win no fee claim in medical negligence cases. Contact us if you need us to assess your claim.

Contact us today to advise you on your matter claim

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