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Deed Poll- Change your Name

deed poll change in name

A deed poll is a legal document used to declare a change of name. It serves as proof that an individual has abandoned their previous name and adopted a new one. The deed poll document includes the individual’s current name, the desired new name, and a declaration of intention to use the new name for all purposes. Changing one’s name is a significant personal decision that can arise from various reasons, such as marriage, divorce, gender transition, or simply a desire for a fresh start. In such cases, a deed poll becomes an essential legal document to officially change your name.

The types of deed polls include Change of Name Deed Poll, Child Deed Poll, Deed Poll of Correction, Deed Poll of Revocation, and Deed Poll of Affirmation.

Deed polls  have two different registration statuses: enrolled and unenrolled. This status refers to whether the deed poll is officially registered with a government authority or not. The decision to enrol or leave the deed poll unenrolled depends on personal preference, legal requirements, and the recognition needed by institutions or authorities.

Enrolled Deed Poll: An enrolled deed poll is one that has been registered with a government authority or registry. This typically involves submitting the deed poll document, along with a fee, to the appropriate office for official recording. The registration process results in the deed poll being recorded in an official government register. Enrolled deed polls carry a higher level of legal recognition as they are widely accepted as proof of a name change by government institutions, financial organizations, and other relevant entities. Furthermore, upon enrolment, the deed poll receives an official seal or stamp from the registering authority, adding an extra layer of authentication and facilitating verification when required.

Unenrolled Deed Poll: In contrast, an unenrolled deed poll is not registered with any government authority. Individuals who choose this option execute the deed poll by signing it in the presence of witnesses, without sending it for official registration. Unenrolled deed polls are still legally recognized and accepted for most purposes, including updating identification documents and records.  The deed poll document itself, along with the signatures of witnesses, serves as evidence of the name change in unenrolled cases.

Understanding the registration status of a deed poll is essential when considering a name change. Enrolled and unenrolled deed polls describe the different registration options available. Carefully consider the legal requirements, recognition needed, and your personal preferences when deciding which registration status is right for you.

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