Gordon and Thompson Solicitors provide expert independent legal advice for investors and property dealers who want to obtain a mortgage or a loan in the name of the company. This is normally a requirement of the lender to confirm that the guarantor or the guarantors are aware of the risks and other financial implications of the facility agreement.

This protects normally the lender in case the guarantor makes a claim stating the he or she was not made aware of the risk involved in providing a personal guarantee to the company’s loan.

We are able to provide advice and issue the certificate of independent legal advice at a short time and we use video calling where attending to our office is not possible.

We provide advice to each director separately.

We can arrange a meeting to make sure that you meet the deadlines.

As we have a duty to identify who you are, we require a proof of ID (a passport) and a proof of address ( a utility bill) valid in the last 3 months.

We request that you send us the documents by email prior to the advice to enable us to carry anti money laundering and identity checks. You will need to show us the original documents at the start of the meeting. Without that we cannot advise you.

We offer a fixed cost of £80 plus VAT which we believe is very generous.

We have other types of ILA that we offer:

  1. Occupiers consent to a Mortgage
  2. Transfer of equity
  3. Director’s personal guarantee
  4. Bridging loans
  5. Equity release

Contact Raphael Tel. 02071836547

Mob. 07960170417 (emergency)

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