Time limits Employment Tribunal

Time limits in unfair dismissal claims

The Employment Tribunal can be strict when applying the time limits in employment cases. The claimant usually have to make their employment claim usually within 3 months less one day of effective date of dismissal. This applies to unfair dismissal claims.

Time limits in redundancy and equal pay claims

The limitation period is 6 months less one day from the date of effective dismissal in redundancy and equal pay claims.

Before you start your claim, usually you have to contact Acas as you will need to get an early reconciliation certificate number that you will include on the claim form. Acas issue normally the certificate if you and your employer cannot settle the matter with their mediation services. The early reconciliation certificate may not be required if you are exempt. Seek independent legal advice to know if you are exempt or not.

The limitation period is extended by one month from the date of effective dismissal. This means that the claimant has a minimum of 1 calendar month from the date of the certificate to file a claim with the Employment Tribunal.

Some types of claim do not have to go to (are ‘exempt’ from) early conciliation. We cannot advise whether your claim is exempt.

It is the responsibility of the claimant to lodge his claim on time. You can normally make a claim online. Click here to lodge a claim and for more details

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