Wills & Probate Jan24

Wills & Probate

Wills and Probate Lawyers Gordon and Thompson Solicitors have experienced and highly trained Wills and Probate barristers and solicitors able to assist you with you wills, administration of estates and other related services. We understand that it may be difficult to deal with estates administration especially after loos...

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Litigation & Abritration Jan24

Litigation & Abritration

Arbitration and Litigation Gordon and Thompson Solicitors offer arbitration and litigation services to businesses and individuals. We have experienced arbitration and litigation solicitors and barristers to advise you on the best options for you. Our arbitration barristers and solicitors are qualified, expe...

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Business & Corporate Jan24

Business & Corporate

BUSINESS AND CORPORATE LAW SOLICITORS Gordon & Thompson Solicitors understand that at times your business and individuals may face challenges running their businesses or at time the directors are not able to perform their duties. Our Solicitors and barristers are highly trained and experienced to provi...

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Property & Real Estate Feb02

Property & Real Estate

Property and Real Estate / Land Law We offer specialized advice and representation in commercial property, residential property, leases, easements, boundaries etc. Contact our property team for more advice

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Commercial Litigation Feb02

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Solicitors Gordon and Thompson Solicitors understand that at times your business and individuals may face challenges. Our Solicitors and barristers are highly trained and experienced to provide top quality legal advice and representation. We cannot replace you as a business owner. ...

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Family & Children Law Feb02

Family & Children Law

Family and Children Law Gordon and Thompson Solicitors are experts in family law and children law. Our experienced and dedicated team of solicitors, barristers offer professional advice and representation to our clients who come from all walks of life. We have the expertise to advise you on complex family disputes tha...

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Criminal Defence Feb02

Criminal Defence

Criminal Defence Solicitors in London Gordon and Thompson Solicitors is one of the leaders in criminal defence. We have a team of barristers and solicitors who have defended client accused of different crimes. We have represented client in sexual offences cases, murder, manslaughter, fraud, money laundering, road ...

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Immigration & Asylum Feb02

Immigration & Asylum

Immigration and Asylum Lawyers in London Gordon and Thompson Solicitors have experience, highly qualified and dedicated immigration and asylum solicitors and barristers. We recognize that the UK immigration law keeps changing every day. We therefore believe that you have to fight for your rights if you are subject to immigr...

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Employment Law Feb02

Employment Law

Employment Law Solicitors Gordon and Thompson Solicitors have a team of highly experienced and competent solicitors and barristers who have represented individual employee and organisations in their employment disputes. We aim to provide independent, unbiased legal advice in employment matters   We know that empl...

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