Have you suffered a personal injury at work? Gordon and Thompson Solicitors can help you with your claim if you have been injured at work and claim the compensation your deserve. Our solicitors, caseworkers and barristers offer advice and legal representation and can support you the way through your claim for personal injury at work. Call us today for a free consultation on 02071836547 or contact us using the online chat or booking form.

Gordon and Thompson lawyers can offer a No Win No Fee advice and representation should you wish to do so. We can advise you on other funding options for your case.

It does not matter much whether you are a full-time or part-time employee or worker, a sefl-employed contractor or a business visitor. We will advise you on your rights during our initial meeting.

What is an accident at work? 

Personal injury at work can result from the use of equipment that are not fit for purpose or form other hazards at the work place. You need to prove that the employer failed their legal duty of care to prevent or make safe the defective or faulty equipment or the working environment. 

The employer has to show that they have carried out regular health and safety risk assessments and have in place systems to limit or minimize the risk of injury to their employees, customers and business visitors. 

What can I claim if I suffered an injury at work? 

If you were injured at work, you can claim for compensation to remedy the situation. Our personal injury lawyers will help you claim for damages including loss of money as a result of the incident, emotional distress, loss of earnings and other losses. Gordon and Thompson Solicitors will guide you in the available remedies depending on your case. 

What type of injuries at the work place? 

Different workplaces may have different types of accidents. Typically, you are more likely to suffer from accidents involving machinery if you work in a factory or a garage. They are other common accidents like trips or falls, electrocutions, slips etc. If you work in the construction industry, you are more exposed to construction site accidents. 

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