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Gordon and Thompson Solicitors are here to help if you suffered injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Generally we offer a no win no fee advice and representation if you are a victim of injury inflicted by others.

We will offer professional advice. You can contact one of our personal injury solicitors for a free consultation on 0207 183 6547 or by filling out a form on our website. You can drop us a watsapp message if that is best for you.

No Win No Fee or Conditional Fee Agreement?

A conditional fee agreement is legally binding agreement between a client and his lawyer whereby the lawyers fees and expenses are generally paid only if the client wins or other specified circumstances.

It is defined as “an agreement with a person providing advocacy or litigation services which provides for his fees and expenses, or any part of them, to be payable only in specified circumstances.”

Under a conditional fee agreement CFA also known as ‘No Win No Fee’, if you are unsuccessful in your claim, you will not pay us for the work we have done. Contact us to check if we can arrange a No Win No Fee agreement.

This is sometimes also known as Damage Only Agreement (DBA) for all contentious business (except for criminal and most family matters).

How do you get paid for your work under a No Win No Fee Agreement?

If your case is successful the other party will pay your solicitors’ costs as well as your compensation.

Given the risk that your solicitors have taken of being unable to claim for cost if your case is unsuccessful, if you win your case, your solicitors will charge you what is known as a “success fee”. The success fee will be calculated as a proportion of the amount of money you receive for damages if your case is successful. Discus this success fee with your solicitor before you sign the Conditional Fee Agreement.

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