Application for special guardianship orders

What is Special Guardianship Order?

We are a team of solicitors who advise on Special Guardianship Orders. This will be your case if you are a family member who wants to become a permanent carer of the child of the family without the need to formally adopt the child. To get a free consultation call now 02071836547.

Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs) offer greater stability for the child than long-term foster care. The advantages of the SGO is that the child will remain a and preserves the basic ties between a child and their birth family.  You may consider applying for Special Guardianship Order if you are a grandparent, a sibling, an extended family member, a friend or a foster carer.

You can apply for Special Guardianship order if the child’s parents are unable to look after the child of the family. A special guardian can make difficult decisions affecting the life of the child even if the parents of the child do not want to co-operate or agree to such decision. The parents will however retain their parental responsibility.

As a special guardian for the child, the court will grant you parental responsibility and you can make important decisions regarding the welfare of the child with or without the agreement of the birth parents. 

No cases are alike, call our experienced solicitors who will advise you or make application on your behalf. Call for a free advice on 02071836547

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