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Have you been injured in a road traffic accident? If yes, you can claim compensation for injuries suffered as a result of the road traffic accident if the accident was caused by the fault or negligence of another person I.e. another motorist, a driver in a car, a cyclist, a horse rider, a truck or bus driver. Call for a free consultation on 02071836547 or contact us online. 

  • Our specialist road traffic accident solicitors can help you claim compensation.  
  • Gordon and Thompson Solicitors can provide you with advice and representation following a road traffic accident. 
  • Gordon and Thompson Road Traffic Accident Solicitors have experience dealing with all types of injury claims resulting from cyclists, car, van, lorry and bus driver’s negligence in road traffic accidents. We can claim against their insurance or the Motor Insurers Bureau. 
  • Gordon and Thompson Solicitors can help you with claims against uninsured drivers, untraced drivers 

Can I claim for compensation? 

You may claim for compensation for injuries suffered by the negligence of a third party if at the time of the incident, you were a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian, a cyclist, a parent of an injured child, a motorcyclist or a horse rider.  

What are the steps for making a claim? 

  • Call our specialist personal injury solicitors for a free consultation on 02071836547. Our solicitors or caseworker will be able to take information and advise you if they are able to make a claim on your behalf. We will need the details of the accident and the injuries you or your child suffered. We also need the vehicle registration details and any other party involved in the accident if you know them. Provide the details of where the accident took place. You can check our what to do after a motor traffic accident list.
  • Our solicitors will contact the people that you believe where responsible for the accident or the Motor Insurance Bureau if you are making a claim against uninsured or difficult to trace drivers. We will formally inform them that we are acting for you and seeking compensation and damages for the injuries they caused to you or your loved ones. 
  • Our personal injury solicitors will handle everything on your behalf and request for more information if needed. Your solicitor will keep you updated on the progress of your claim and contact you if any damages or compensation is offered. 

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