Financial Settlements

Are you seeking or defending family disputes regarding your assets, properties, pension with your wife or husband? This happen more often than not in divorce proceeding for financial settlements where the division of assets is in dispute.

What to do when you need financial settlement in family proceedings?

There is a variety of options available but the most cost-effective way is to have a mediated agreement between the parties.

As with divorce or application for contact with children, financial after a relationship breakdown can be a simple process. The court will look at the reasonable needs of both parties and any relevant children.

As with every family matter, financial settlement can be complicated. The couple may have many houses, businesses, pensions, off-shore accounts business ventures and may disagree on the correct value of those assets. We have a team of expert lawyers and financial investigators who can assist you all the way.

How can I contact you if I need a financial settlement lawyer?

Our experts solicitors and barristers will advise you through these complex and often emotional issues and represent you in court should the need arise. To book a free consultation, please call 02071836547.

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