What happens when the relationship end?

How much does a divorce cost?

Well that is a difficult to answer. The fee for a divorce petition may be a few hundred. But the cost of the divorce will generally depend on the conduct of the parties involved. The fight may also depend on whether the responding party is able and willing to accept the fact that the marriage has broken down irretrievably and agrees to the divorce. If the divorce is contested, things can be different and that is when the costs of the divorce start to run high. The other issue is whether they are children involved and whether the parties agree to a mediated settlement regarding the welfare of the children. Most of the time, matters become complicated and expensive when the parties have assets and do not agree as to the value of the assets and the sharing of those assets. The attitude of the parties can determine whether the costs of the divorce can be in hundreds of pounds or thousands of pounds to thousands. The more matters are complex, the more the costs will go up.

Gong through a divorce or family breakdown can be challenging and complex. There are issues that most families need to resolve such as children, finance, assets, family home, etc. We are family lawyers with a heart and we are here to help you go through that challenging time without loosing your heart or assets.

Gordon and Thompson Solicitors can help you in divorce proceedings and children contact. We can also help you in complex cases involving tracing of assets, creation of trusts, fighting abduction cases and many more.

We are based in Woolwich, London, SE18 and we can give you an initial free advice and help you decide.

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