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Practice Areas

Housing Law

We are a team of solicitors who are leaders in housing law. We have a team of barristers and solicitors who have defended homeless people in their fight for a decent home. We believe that having a house is one of the most fundamental rights.

Business Law

We are a team of dedicated business lawyers and help business and individuals may face challenges running their businesses or at time the directors are not able to perform their duties.

Criminal Law

We are Criminal Defence Solicitors in London. We have a team of barristers and solicitors who have defended client accused of different crimes (sexual offences cases, murder, manslaughter, fraud, money laundering, road traffic offences etc.)

Divorce Law

We are expert experts in family law and children law.
We have the expertise to advise you on complex family disputes that are sometimes inevitable as time changes. Whether it is defending your right to have access to your child or home.

Employment Law

We have a team of highly experienced and competent solicitors and barristers who have represented individual employee and organisations in their employment disputes. We encourage litigants to settle employment disputes through mediation.

Wills and Probate

We are experienced and highly trained Wills and Probate barristers and solicitors able to assist you with you wills, administration of estates and other related services. We help you in the most difficult time when you loose a loved one and have to deal with the estate.

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Our Services


We advise and represent companies of all types and sizes. We advise them in their legal challenges regarding different products be it Intellectual Property rights, commercial litigation, compliance and general corporate management.

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We advise individuals and companies in their financial and banking matters. Our advise is generic and we do not pretend to advise people in complex financial products, We can refer you to appropriate legal firm to advise you.

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We represent individuals who have been involved or have been victims of car accident. We represent drivers and victims of personal injuries following a car accident or other accidents.

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We take our job seriously and prepare our cases with commitment and professionalism, We leave no stone un-turned to defend you


We have a team of solicitors specialised in business law and practice. If you want to set up your company or have challenging times with managing your company, we are here to help.

Civil Litigation

We have a team of solicitors specialised in civil litigation from preparing and issuing the proceedings, to advising and representing you in the courts across the country.

Our Blogs

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A lease op…

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Prices hourly charges

Our prices are generally calculated based on an hourly basis.

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