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Contact with the child or with children following a family breakdown has been challenging for most couples.

What is Child Arrangement Order (s)

Child Arrangements Order (CAO) is the term for what used to be known as Residence, Custody and Contact Orders in family proceedings. When a Judge makes CAO, he or she has to decide amongst other things where and with how he child or the children will live with and how often they will see the other parent normally known as the non-resident parent.

If both parties cannot agree on the arrangements regarding the child or children, the court has the power to decide where the child or children will live and the modalities of the absent parent to have contact with the children.

Arrangements for your child

A Judge, when making a ‘child arrangements order’ will decide:

  • where your child or children will live
  • when and where your child or children will spend time with each parent
  • when and what other types of contact take place (phone calls, skype, supervised contact, direct contact, etc.)

Who has the right to make the application for Child Arrangement Orders?

Who can apply

The child’s mother, father, guardians or anyone with parental responsibility can apply for a Child Arrangement Order to court.

Other people, like grandparents, can apply for these court orders, but they’ll need to get permission from the courts first.

The following categories of people have the right to make such application:

  • Birth parents, guardians or other people with parental responsibility for the child
  • Adult with a Residence Order for the child
  • Adult with whom the child has lived for more than three years
  • Step-parents
  • Any adult who has permission from any of the above people.

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