Application for special guardianship orders

Special Guardianship Order

What is Special Guardianship Order? We are a team of solicitors who advise on Special Guardianship Orders. This will be your case if you are a family member who wants to become a permanent carer of the child of the family without the need to formally adopt the child. To get a free consultation call...

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family and children solicitors in woolwich

Child Arrangement Orders

Contact with the child or with children following a family breakdown has been challenging for most couples. What is Child Arrangement Order (s) Child Arrangements Order (CAO) is the term for what used to be known as Residence, Custody and Contact Orders in family proceedings. When a Judge makes CAO, he or she has to...

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Financial settlement Lawyers

Financial Settlements Are you seeking or defending family disputes regarding your assets, properties, pension with your wife or husband? This happen more often than not in divorce proceeding for financial settlements where the division of assets is in dispute. What to do when you need financial settlement in family proceedings? There is a variety of...

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Conveyancing fees

Legal fees for conveyancing a property or land will differ from one transaction to the other. The price range from £300 to £3000.00 depending on the complexities. Disbursements: Most conveyancing will involve money paid to third parties generally called disbursements. The disbursement included searches fees, Land Registry fees, chaps transfer fees, etc. If you want...

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Lease Options Agreement

What is a Lease Option Agreement? A lease option agreement in property transaction is a legally binding contract between the buyer of the option and the seller of the option. You can use a lease option to buy a property for example today and pay for that property in the future in the hope that...

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